The People Unite: Building the Tower

The People Unite: Building the Tower

The people of Glasgow will celebrate and honour the people of Berlin by building a Berlin landmark on a massive scale in cardboard. Volunteers will build the bricks over the course of a week at the Briggait. The bricks will be transferred to Glasgow Green on the 3rd August where 100’s of volunteers will build them into a massive landmark building. On August 4th thousands will gather to celebrate the achievement and see it ceremoniously topple.

The People Unite is presented by Olivier Grosstete and curated by UZ Arts.

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  • Free - no ticket required
  • Open to All

Dates & times

  • 3rd Aug 2018
  • 10:00AM - 5:00PM

Venue details

  • GO LIVE! at the Green Greendyke Street
    G1 5DB