Festival 2018 will bring the citizens of Edinburgh a chance to engage with high quality arts all around the city, with the emphasis on participation, quirkiness and fun. The programme offers the opportunity to:


The community programme, supported by the ‘Our Place’ funding, will allow local people in diverse communities across the city, the opportunity to develop news skills in dance, photography, visual art and film-making.

North East Locality (Craigmillar)

Continuation of Culturally integrated Art Group

(Local women from Craigmillar, Polish, Nigerian, Syrian) at Sandy’s Community Centre

Following the group’s exhibition at the Syrian Arts Festival (funded by SMHAF) at Craigmillar Library on 11 and 12 May, 2018, The group members have requested a continuation of the classes with Artist Susie Wilson to develop more drawing, painting, printing skills and to learn bookmaking techniques. The group is very integrative, bringing different cultures and languages together, breaking down barriers and isolation. The continuation of the project would deepen the participants’ art skills and learning as well as their positive relationships.

New Art Project with Bingham Homeless Hostel

Printmaker and Bookbinder Susie Wilson will show hostel residents easy printmaking techniques and how to make simple handmade books. The theme can be varied but could cover “Telling my Story”. The Hostel accommodates 45 residents. Artist Andrew Crummy (Great Tapestry of Scotland) will be joining the project for 2 sessions to talk about his journey as a Bingham local into the arts and to inspire them as a role model. The project would finish with an exhibition with an official opening to which the participants are encouraged to invite friends and family.

New Dance Project with Intergenerational Dance Performance / Celebration

Teaching local adults and children Salsa dancing. The request for Salsa tuition came from 5 representatives s of the Art on the Move Group (its aim: to give local people in the North East locality access to the arts). As part of the project we will offer a showing of/clips of the film Mad Hot Ballroom about children in New York Primary schools learning Latin dance and the positive effects for their confidence and self-esteem. Learners will reflect on their own learning experience and the health and cultural benefits of dance. The project would culminate in a Salsa Celebration at Richmond Hope Church Hall where both groups would show off their achievements to each other and have a joint celebration of dance, movement, exercise and the enjoyment of Salsa Music.


South West Locality (Oxgangs & Sighthill)

Done Dancing! (working title)

This new project, which will be delivered by Dance Ihayami will offer local residents an opportunity to get involved in dance workshops and the development of a narrative for a small performance in August. Workshop leaders will encourage and support participants in the process of understanding and learning the techniques of Bharatanatyam, which uses basic steps, rhythm and hand gestures to tell a story. As this project progresses and the skills and confidence of the participants emerge they will be invited to explore and develop a narrative that will resonate from their own experiences. A story about their relationships with their local community. People and places where they live. Their place. Their story.

This project will be initiated by a number of taster sessions prior to the delivery of the workshops. The workshops will run over the holiday period between July 30th and August 14th. One workshop will target young people in the Oxgangs area and the other workshop will engage with adults within the Sighthill area. At the culmination of the workshops the participants will come together with their unique performances, sharing their stories with a wider audience. This performance will consist of a small celebration event open to the public.


North West Locality (South Queensferry & Kirkliston)

The Almond Young people’s Summer Filmmaking Project

This will be an enhancement of a youth arts and community engagement programme which started in January 2018 by the NW Lifelong Learning Team.

We would like to engage more young people in high quality arts learning experiences, focusing on the theme of youth consultation, which is underpinned by 2018 year of young people’s themes. The Filmmaking Project will engage up to 10 young people who will have the hands on opportunity to engage in all stages of the making process, including the structure content, filming and editing process, to ensure the young people have a sense of ownership of the final film. The documentary will be launched as one of the highlights of the Youth Talk Event 2018. We hope to have up to 60 people in audience.  The film will also be shown in clubs, schools and community venues after the Youth Talk event therefore reaching out to a wider audience.


South East Locality (Southside Corridor)

Participatory street arts project in Nicolson Square Garden

The proposal is for an artist led and supported visual arts project enhancing and decorating Nicolson Square garden, utilising 3 large CEC garden rubbish bins as canvasses for local group participatory arts decoration and enhancement activity. Each of the three bins identified provide a large 3 dimensional surface for arts work/decoration.

The Garden has recently been identified as a particular site of concern and falls within the LIP and the Southside Corridor small area plan for improvement and to encourage/increase community access. The proposal is to work with three distinct local groups:

  • Friends of the Square -Local resident group actively involved in improving the Garden
  • Mosque Group
  • Local Youth Group


Each of the groups would work alongside a professional artist from the Number Shop arts Studios and would be involved in:

  • Developing a design and theme for one bin
  • Painting/decorating one bin with an agreed designed motif/pattern/image
  • Lacquering and weather proofing finished bin
  • Take part in an unveiling/launch of the finished work event