Festival 2018 at GO LIVE!

Be part of a playful street theatre performance Go For Gold, led by communities from the East End and Rutherglen and directed by the East End Artist in residence. Pack a picnic and heard your clan to the Go For Gold flags between 2.30 and 4.30pm each day. Open to all!

Celebrating Glasgow Gardens invites you to come and take part in lots of free activities: from looking back to 30 years of the spectacular Glasgow Garden Festival to getting your hands dirty with planting or seed-bombing.  Look out for a vast array of fun activities each day. Everyone welcome!

The People’s Pianos are there for you to play. Come and help us decorate ‘Daisy’ on Glasgow Green, or look out for our special high noon performance each day.

Don't miss Scottish Opera’s Pop-up Opera Roadshow. Two brilliant 25 minute shows for audiences of all ages are brought to life by a storyteller, singers, musicians and a series of colours illustrations offering a fantastic introduction to opera.  Both shows are performed in a specially-adapted, fully-accessible trailer, re-creating Glasgow’s Theatre Royal. Join us for Be a Sport! Spike!, a new work for kids aged 4 to 7 as well as And A Little Bit of HMS Pinafore. Free performances, 3 performances per day.

As part of Nevis Ensemble’s inaugural tour, the orchestra will hold a mass yoga event on and around the main stage. Grab your yoga mat and get yourself along to this one-off event!

Beyond Boundaries is a new collection of poems brought together for Festival 2018. These are all inspired by idea of overcoming obstacles and striving towards a goal, or by the concept of uniting in our differences and celebrating our diversity.  In this event, hosted by Glasgow’s Poet Laureate, new and established poets will perform some of the work from the collection.   Friday 3 August, 5.30pm, Free, in the Kitchen Garden.

The People Unite: Building the Tower and Toppling the Tower. The people of Glasgow will celebrate and honour the people of Berlin by building a Berlin landmark on a massive scale in cardboard. Volunteers will build the bricks over the course of a week at the Briggait, and the bricks will be transferred to Glasgow Green where hundreds of volunteers are invited to build them into a massive landmark building. You are all invited to gather and celebrate the achievement and see it ceremoniously topple on Aug 4!

Four Go Wild in Wellies is a playful look at how friendships are built, broken and mended.  Indepen-dance 4 are the professional performance company of Glasgow’s leading inclusive dance organisation. Ticket allocation on a first come, first served basis.

Festival 2018 will support many other interesting activities from high quality music performances on the main stage, carnival arriving on site after weaving its way through the main Festival sites on Saturday 4 August, dance by Goblynz on Saturday 11 August and lots and lots of interactive street performance. Come along and join in the fun!